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ZBB Sales, OPEX and CAPEX Financial Planning with Connected Cashflow

Mission Statement:

Anaplan should help us create robust Financial Plans enabling ZBB seamlessly with allowing us to quickly change revenue forecasting drivers (conversion rates, fee per transaction, etc), auto calculate OPEX costs using HR Data for multi-currencies, and to apply driver based allocation rules resulting in Internal and Statutory P&L reporting. 

Having our ZBB budgeting completed in Anaplan we will be able to get real time views of Actuals VS Budget variance analysis, WHAT IF Scenario Planning, more granular hiring plans and resource budgets including all people, their roles, their associated capital expenditure driving through to the Cash Flow in real-time.

Use Cases:

Revenue Planning

OPEX and Payroll Planning

Driver Based OPEX Forecasting

Rule Driven Bonus and Commission Calculations

Integrated Internal and Statutory P&L

Live Cashflow Statement

Overhead Expense Allocation

WHAT IF Scenario Planning with Version Variance Analysis 

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