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Our Goal

The GrowQ goal is to provide an alternative cost-effective Hybrid Anaplan Consultancy Model to Customers in Europe. With our Offshore capabilities, our UK team can ensure the right Focus is placed on Digital Transformation, with Anaplan acting as the enabler.

We Adapt, You Adopt

GrowQ helps organizations digitally transform legacy models and business processes through leveraging Anaplan the right way.


​Our extensive experience offers more than just model migrations and MVP solutions, we identify opportunities and look to transform your "ASIS" state to achieve the tangible benefits of an Anaplan Implementation.


The GrowQ resourcing adaptability ensures we are flexible in the way we work based on the Customer needs. We can manage the project, provide Centre of Excellence resourcing frameworks and can act as a Managed Service for ongoing developments. 


Our Offshore expertise spans over many other technologies and skill sets allowing us to think about how Anaplan can be leveraged further within the Client Systems Infrastructure. Other technologies are QLik, Snowflake, Microsoft, and many more.

Implemented Solutions


Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Revenue Modelling, P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet Forecasting, Scenario Planning, Sensitivity Analysis, Financial Consolidation and Intercompany.

OPEX Planning

Payroll Planning, Non Staff cost forecasting, Capex Planning, Occupancy modelling, IFRS16, Staff Capitalization and Cost Allocations.

Supply Chain

Demand Planning, Commercial Forecasting, Master Production Planning, Inventory Modelling, Connected S&OP cycle, Capacity and Workforce Planning.

Asset Management

Property & Fund Cashflow Modelling, Asset Underwriting, Long Income Cashflows (100+ year), Fund Analysis and multi-currency Fund Modelling.

Anaplan Optimization and Automation

Statistical forecasting, Time series forecasting, Anaplan Goal Seek to derive levels of inputs required, Sensitivity modelling to auto generate alternative forecasts and automated production planning schedules.


Data staging, Data mapping, Validity Checks, Hierarchical creation, API integration, Data scheduling and Automation

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