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Delivering best-in-class solutions at a price that suits you

GrowQ are a growing Anaplan Hybrid Consultancy.
We specialise in
Anaplan Implementations, Anaplan COE resourcing models
and provide a
Managed Service to support ongoing product developments.
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Hybrid Anaplan Consulting

GrowQ will lead and manage the whole Anaplan project lifecycle, starting with the discovery phase with focus on process and design, through to technical execution of the defined specification. 


Our delivery approach is very unique to traditional consultancies as we believe Anaplan is the enabler to a much wider transformational change, where we shape an optimal future state driven by the right Anaplan design. We identify the GAP between business process to a digital systemised process.


Because of our offshore expertise, it allows our UK Consultants to focus more on Strategy, Process and Anaplan architectural design, whilst leaving 90% of technical development to our offshore team. 


GrowQ offers clients UK Onsite Anaplan Consultants and Offshore Anaplan Consultants, as well as provides additional services in other Data Management, Analytics and Cloud technologies.


Strategy and Transformation Consulting

GrowQ will work closely with you to help define the vision and strategy behind your Digital Transformation Journey. Our consultants present recommended solutions as well devise a methodology on how to implement the solution.

How GrowQ can help:


  • Evaluation of existing processes and identifying systemised opportunities leveraging Anaplan

  • Create and refine the Anaplan vision and strategy based on the customer needs

  • Examine the Anaplan purpose within the customer system infrastructure to determine areas for enhancement, expansion and connectivity

  • Build a data flow strategy to enable seamless integration with our systems



  • Put all the pieces in place for a coherent digital strategy, and create an Anaplan Product roadmap for the transformation with purposeful output

  • Highlight business requirements and recommend structural changes required to achieve Anaplan success

  • Develop a repeatable project management program to streamline and optimize your organization’s ongoing process for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing Anaplan developments

  • Propose an Anaplan Framework that is aligned to Corporate Objectives

Anaplan Centre of Excellence and Managed Service

GrowQ can provide an Anaplan Centre of Excellence or Managed Service dedicated to delivering scalable and successful implementations of Anaplan to execute on strategic objectives and achieve desired business outcomes.

The Center of Excellence is the foundation needed to ensure successful utilization of the Anaplan platform to enable true Connected Planning. At its core, a Center of Excellence is a centralized governing body dedicated to ensuring scalable and successful implementation of Anaplan to execute on strategic objectives and achieve desired business outcomes.

Our COE and Managed Service can provide you with the right resource to ensure the Anaplan Eco-System grows as the business evolves.


GrowQ offers clients UK COE Leads, UK Onsite Anaplan Architect, Offshore Anaplan Consultants, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Benefits of the COE Delivery Model

Time-zone overlapping

Get a team that works in your time zone with at least 4 hours of daily time overlap


We’re open to use client’s referred  tools and processes for the ODC.

Cost Arbitrage & Effort Savings

More than 33% cost savings as compared to hiring local talent with freedom from state compliances

Managed Delivery

Agile-driven program management approach to ensure quick turnaround time

IP and data security

NDA secured engagement and an option of setting up an exclusive access areas for enhanced security


Flexible engagement terms to instantly scale up or scale down as per your business requirements


Get daily work logs and progress reports

Innovation Labs

Dedicated Centre of Excellence for technology and functions. Support client with the accelerators, products and strategic initiatives

R&D Wing

Be assured of team being updated on latest platform features and innovation solutions

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