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Connected S&OP and Finance Integration

Mission Statement:

To improve upon and replace the current Margin reporting process, eliminating manual rework, and leveraging the integration with pre-existing SOP model. To follow this with an integrated Stock Forecasting Model which will be system generated based on pre-existing Anaplan model Data, further reducing manual work.


Replaced single use spreadsheet Sales and Costing Forms with an Anaplan dashboard allowing for single point of entry (no rework) and for cross contract, customer, product reporting.

Generated suite of dashboards and reports replacing multiple excel files and linking the Costing data with Operations planning model reducing need for manual inputs.

Ability to generate forecasts and/or budget based on historic or pre-determined assumption values.

Integration of a Stock Forecasting Model, replacing a manual spreadsheet, this is integrated with the Operations planning and Finance Models delivering very efficient forecasting tool.

GrowQ also designed a suite of dashboards using the new UX, enhancing the user experience.

Digitally Connected Operationalised Environment

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