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Connected Sales, Financial and Workforce Planning Solution

Mission Statement:

To be able to forecast accurately our Secured Business, Prospective Pipeline and New Business. Given the technology constraints, Anaplan is the chosen solution to statistically forecast Sales and Revenue using historical data. Using robust forecast methodology in Anaplan we will be able to conduct predictive time series forecasting to understand true Customer Insights as well as produce more accurate Sales Forecast.

Along with this we will be relying on Anaplan to model capacity plans, identifying potentials GAPs in the existing workforce based on predictive demand. Forecast Operational Expenditure with the inclusion of Payroll Planning and to provide Consolidated Reporting at a Group Level.

Use Cases:

Sales Forecast: Statistical Forecasting and Customer Predictive Modelling

Revenue and Direct COS Forecasting

Payroll Planning

OPEX Forecasting

Group P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow

Sales Headcount Bonus Forecasting

Workforce and Demand Planning

Fully Connected Anaplan Eco-System

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